Erasmus Student mobility 2022/23

Why should I apply?

New experiences

Get out from your comfort zone, meet new people, new way of studying, travel. It is shown that students who choose mobility have greater ability later on to adapt easily to new circumstances and be successful in choosing their career.

master english

During this mobility classes are taught in English. English is a necessary tool today to be able to communicate with international companies, academics, publish papers, and find jobs.


Meet other international students and professors who will one day become your partners and open the doors for international collaboration.

Enjoy ohrid

Ohrid is close to Serbia, making the travel expenses affordable, as well as living expenses quite inexpensive. It is known by its beautiful lake Ohrid.

About the mobility

Who can apply?

All students from Računarski fakultet, except for first year students.

The student must only be regularly enrolled to bachelors, masters or PhD studies.

When is the application?

The deadline is until 5th of December 2022

Once you have submitted all the documents and are chosen by a designated committee, you will choose the courses you will be listening during the mobility with the faculty coordinator, Jelena Mladenović

How much is covered?

Monthly payment of 540 EUR. Travel expenses and insurance are not covered.

Note that rent in Ohrid is around 100 EUR monthly for students.

Mobility duration?

The mobility is during the summer semester (best period to be in Ohrid) duration is between 3 to 5 months. Students must go to the exams there. If they pass, the exams will be accepted as passed in Računarski fakultet, if the student does not pass the exams in Ohrid, they need to pass them in Računarski Fakultet.

Necessary Documents

  1. CV (Use EuroPass Template)
  2. Passeport (page with personal information)
  3. Passed exams
  4. Knowledge of English (any kind of certificate, or statement from English professor, showing B2 level)
  5. Letter of Motivation
  6. Acceptance from PhD mentors (for PhD students only)
  7. Fill in these 2 forms

Time table for application.

Send all necessary documents to Erasmus coordinators Jelena Mladenović (Računarski Fakultet) and Iva Tarabić (Union Univerzitet)