We are going to the NeuroAdaptiveTech Conference, held every 2 years in an European city. This year in Leuben in Germany, on the 8 to 12th October 2022. The organizers are Dr Thorsten Zander and Dr Stephen Fairclough. Link to site: https://neuroadaptive.org/

NeuroAdaptiveTechnologies include research about BCI, Physiological Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Passive BCI, Smart home systems, Adaptive systems, and so on.

Our paper called “Simple Probabilistic Data-driven model for Adaptive BCI Feedback” has been chosen for an oral presentation, on the 10th of October, the second day of the conference.

As there is a necessity for adaptive BCIs due to vast signal and psychological variability, among others; we have focused on creating an adaptive model that can be easily implemented in real-time, and takes into account the variable data by proposing adaptive feedback to guide the users to a state beneficial for BCI performance. Our model takes priors about the users, as calibration performances or personality traits; however even with wrong priors or the lack of them, it manages to maximize performance by providing adaptive feedback that fits each user individually.

Our paper will soon be available online